January 2021

Proposed 2021 FCO Officers, Lots of Member News, Auction Plans, Deschutes Memories, Update on Crooked River


President’s Message – January 2021

Welcome to 2021. As I write, the U.S. Capitol Building is currently overwhelmed by political protestors who have shut down the Senate and the House proceedings and forced an evacuation of our nation’s legislative body. The television news is full of disturbing images of mobs of people invading both chambers of Congress, and there is…

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Member Matters – January 2021

2021 Conservation Grant Update On Monday, December 7, 2020 John Pyrch, Flyfisher Foundation President, distributed the 2021 conservation grant solicitation to 16 organizations involved with maintaining and enhancing Oregon’s rivers.  This year the focus will be on projects that respond to those precious watersheds that sustained damage from last year’s wild fires.  Proposals are due…

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Literary Angler – Deschutes Memories

  Rich Fitterer with impressive Deschutes Steelie A Few Days to Remember on the Reservation During these Covid Times a few fishing trips have been canceled so I thought I would reflect on success of the past. Steelhead fishing on the Warm Springs Reservation is like fishing in the remote areas of BC. Lots of water…

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President’s Message – December 2020

  After spending most of the year dealing with the pandemic, I won’t be sorry to bid 2020 adieu.  Our family, like many, celebrated a much smaller Thanksgiving than usual.  Following the recommended Covid-19 guidelines, we limited our gathering to six people from two households and used separate tables to ensure distancing.  Although it was…

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Member Matters – December 2020

FCO Meetings Focus on Local Your FCO Program Chair, Mike Radakovich, has tapped our rich local talent to bring you entertaining and useful fly fishing topics for our monthly Zoom Meetings. This month we will learn how to tye favorite flies for steelhead and trout from Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters’ Jack Hagan. Jack and his…

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President’s Message – November 2020

  Wow, what a month!  A tumultuous presidential election that is undecided as of this writing, a rising tide of Covid-19 cases in Oregon and most of the country,  and continuing economic struggles for many individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic.  And November has just begun! A well-known Chinese proverb (curse?) says “May you…

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