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In keeping with the spirit of sportsmanship and sense of history that motivates and permeates the officers and members and other donors to The Flyfisher Foundation, this united international effort will strive toward these PURPOSES:

foundationTo preserve and perpetuate the traditions, history, art and literature of fly fishing. To serve all anglers and the public by providing facilities that are officially recognized as a trustworthy museum and library for tax-deductible donations of books, libraries, manuscripts, art work, flies, lines, reels and other memorabilia.

  • To encourage and enhance aesthetic appreciation by the angling and general public of the scenery, flora and fauna of waters and watersides.
  • To provide education and instruction to all interested in the art of fly fishing.
  • To encourage writers, artists and photographers to portray the beauty, sportsmanship and pleasures of fly fishing and fly dressing.
  • To sponsor formal exhibits in libraries, schools, universities, museums and public centers locally, nationally and internationally.
  • To serve as a monitor and disseminator of information and photographs of interest and value to ichthyologists, aquatic biologists, entomologists and other scientists concerned with the habitat and genetics of trout, salmon, grayling, steelhead and other fish that may be caught on a fly. To publicize efforts in these areas through publication of books, booklets, bulletins and keepsakes.
  • To do all things necessary and appropriate to achieve said purposes.

The Flyfisher Foundation is incorporated as a nonprofit, educational, scientific and charitable institution under the laws of the State of Oregon. The value of monetary gifts and contributions of books, art work and memorabilia of value are deductible for federal income and estate tax purposes and for Oregon income and inheritance tax purposes. The Flyfisher Foundation has been granted tax exemption by the Internal Revenue Service and the Oregon Department of Revenue. Articles of Incorporation were files late in 1972 and both state and federal tax deduction status were conferred in early 1973.



2023-2024 Board of Directors Roster

President – Janet Arenz, 503-995-4075

Vice President – Vacant

Secretary – Jay Spassov, 503-477-2978

Treasurer – Felton Jenkins III, 912-308-5706

Immediate Past President FCO – Jim Hillas, 503-407-6074

At-Large – Ron Greenman, 503-704-4741

At-Large – John Pyrch, 971-244-3289

At-Large – Paul Franklin, 971-219-9426

Contact Information

John Pyrch

Auction Chair – Janet Arenz

Mailing Address:
Flyfisher Foundation
PO BOX 80279
Portland, OR 97280