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The Creel: McKenzie River

Volume 1, Number 1
Volume 1, Number 2
Volume 2, Number 1
Volume 2, Number 2
Volume 3, Number 1
Volume 3, Number 2
Volume 4, Number 1
Volume 4, Number 2
Volume 5, Number 1
Volume 6 & 7, Number 1

VIDEO SERIES – The history of the club

Chapter 1: Beginnings
Chapter 2: Publications
Chapter 3: Fish and Fishing, Above All Else
Chapter 4: Welcome to All
Chapter 5: Club Benefits
Chapter 6: The Lure of Flyfishing

The McKenzie River Creel

The McKenzie River, originating in the Cascade Mountains and flowing west to merge with the Willamette River near Eugene, Oregon, is one of the West’s storied fishing streams. Roderick Haig-Brown described it in 1941: “Oregon’s McKenzie is a perfect type of Pacific Northwest trout stream.”

The McKenzie is still a great fly-fishing stream just as it was decades ago when now well-known individuals began to cast flies for its beautiful and large native rainbow trout. It has played host to the finest anglers around the world, as well as some of the best known, such as President Hoover and Dean Witter.

The McKenzie-style drift boat was spawned on its water sand has become a national craft with a legendary history. The Federation of Fly Fishers was born along its banks. Scores of outstanding guides and thousands of loving anglers have plied its waters and worked tirelessly to protect it. All of these stories and more are found in The Creel: McKenzie River, a very entertaining and informative book. It will satisfy your angling curiosity and inspire you to cast a fly on this wonderful living river filled with rainbow trout!

Published May 2003