Watch and learn the history of the Flyfishers’ Club of Oregon. New chapters will appear at the beginning of each month as part of our ongoing series.

Chapter 1: Beginnings

Some of the early members of the club discuss how the club began and what was going on recreationally in Oregon during the 1950s.


Chapter 2: Publications

How The Creel, The Flyline, and other publications came to be, and where they can be accessed today.


Chapter 3: Fish and Fishing, Above All Else

The Club’s evolution from a fellowship of anglers to witnesses of change to conservators of a natural resource.


Chapter 4: Welcome to All

The inclusion of women anglers to membership, and the impact they have had on the Club.


Chapter 5: Club Benefits

The benefits of club membership, how it is expanding, and how it has enriched members’ lives over the years.


Chapter 6: The Lure of Flyfishing

Veteran members recount favorite outings and why they are drawn to the sport.