Literary Angler – A Few Notable Fishing Books

Dale LaFollette selecting a fly at North Junction by Doug Lynch


Editor’s Note: A few months ago, long-time non-resident member, Barry Mayer, sent me an impressive list of favorite fishing books compiled by his Battenkill Breakfast Boys Book Club. I’ve just copied the titles and authors as they were entered by the “Boys” so formats vary. A couple of the book club members wrote up detailed editorial notes and I will save their contributions for a future Literary Angler. I deleted the names of the individuals for privacy. How many of these favorites have you read? Or perhaps have read more than once? You may find some gems for your summer reading list! LKH

  1. The Complete Angler, Walton 1847 ed.
  2. The Way of a Trout with a Fly, Skues
  3. Thy Rod and Thy Creel, Shepard
  4. A River Never Sleeps, Haig-Brown
  5. A Modern Dry Fly Code, Marinaro
  6. On the Cains, Brad Burns
  7. Closing the Season, Brad Burns
  8. The Battenkill, Merwin
  9. Spring Creek, Lyons
  10. Fishing Atlantic Salmon Flies, Bates and Richards
  11. Where the Bright Waters Meet, Plunket-Greene
  12. A River Runs through it, Mclean
  13. Trout, Bergman
  14. A River for Christmas, Schweibert
  15. The Seasons of the Fly Fisherman, Haig-Brown
  16. John Gierach-any book
  17. Ed Van Put, any book
  18. Royal Coach, McCafferty
  19. Sean Stranahan mystery books
  20. Jerusalum Creek: Journeys into Driftless Country, Ted Leeson
  21. The Year of the Angler, Raymond
  22. The River Why, James Duncan.
  23. Streamside Guide, Art Flick
  24. Well Tempered Angler, Gingrich
  25. Trout Madness, Traver
  26. The Fly and the Fish, Atherton
  27. Sidelines, Sidelights and Reflections (1932) Gem Skues
  28. The Practical Angler (1857) WC Stewart
  29. Favorite Flies, Marbury
  30. Fishing Flies and Fly Tying, William F. Blades
  31. This Wonderful World of Trout, Charles Fox
  32. Trout and Salmon Fisherman for Seventy-Five Years, Hewitt
  33. Currents and Eddies, Schaldach
  34. Matching the Hatch, E. Schweibert
  35. The Modern Angles, Kinght
  36. Fur, Feathers and Steel, F. Cross



Barry Mayer with steelhead hen (from the archives)