July 2020

Fishing Escapes, Future Meetings? Foundation Update, “Wild East” Oregon, Columbia River Salmonid Forecast


Literary Angler – Fine Reels for Discriminating Anglers

Bogdan Reel Connections Editor’s Note: Back in the late 20th century, buying a coveted Bogdan reel from its maker was quite an accomplishment.  According to Graydon R. Hilyard’s biography, Bogdan, “Almost from day one, there has been The Waiting List, a sort of secular purgatory on the way to achieving tackle bliss. . .  How…

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Member Matters – November 2019

Huge Thank You to Mike Collins! Mike Collins saw a notice that there was a Flyfishers’ Club program one week in 2001, and walked in off of the street to see what it was all about. A member there greeted him, and Mike explained that he was a fly angler and wanted to attend the…

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Literary Angler – Fun Reads

Editor’s Note: Member Bob Lowry and his wife, Becky, are regulars at the monthly FCO meetings. They drive up from Eugene to enjoy the camaraderie of the Club and the excellent presentations. Bob sent me a couple fun links to articles that he found that you might find interesting. Thanks Bob, for the suggestions! LKH…

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President’s Message

  Happy Fall Everyone!  Tis the season for changing colors, shorter days, the return of the Old Fashioned to my cocktail lineup, and, of course, fishing for steelhead.  I was fortunate enough to be invited on a three-day Deschutes steelhead camp trip early in September.  Todd Harris of Harris Anglers picked up three of us on…

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Member Matters – October 2019

Welcome New Member! Mike Green of Happy Valley is our newest FCO member. He enjoys fly tying, rod building, and “tricks and techniques.” Mike, this month’s guest speaker’s discussion of Tactical Fly Fishing will be speaking your language. Hope to see you at the October 8th meeting! Fishing Reports Janet Arenz and Curt Marr engaged…

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Literary Angler – Book Review

To love a river, one grows to love just being there. Even if weather dashes a fishing day, you can be soothed by  imagining you are on its banks as it overcomes boulders and continuously rushes toward the sea. This book review from Dr. Mark Metzdorff reflects his love (addiction, he admits) for the Babine…

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