September 2020

FCO President’s adventures, Goose Lake Outing, Update on Klamath Dam Removals

Member Matters – January 2020

Happy New Year! It’s January which means it is time to nominate new officers for your Flyfishers’ Club of Oregon Board. As required by our bylaws, the proposed slate of officers must be presented to the membership one month before the February election. So, without further ado, your FCO President, Jim Hillas presents the proposed…

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Conservation Corner – Looking Back at 2019 Wild Columbia River Steelhead Returns

  Editor’s Note: We knew 2019 was going to be a bad year for wild steelhead returns in the Columbia River system. A few FCO members found fish on the Deschutes and John Day but many recounted fishless days during our monthly meetings. Poor returns forced ODFW to close the lower Deschutes to steelhead fishing…

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President’s Message – December 2019

I’m writing this on Thanksgiving morning, so it’s appropriate to give thanks for many things, not least of which is the many fishing opportunities I had in 2019.  Frigid days chasing winter steelhead on the coast and on the Sandy River, less frigid (but equally unproductive) days chasing steelhead in early spring on the Willamette,…

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Member Matters – December 2019

  Juju or Mojo – FCO Hats give Good Fish Karma! FCO hats make a great Christmas gift. Buy one for a friend, or start sending hints to your loved ones. I have been sporting one on most of my fishing trips since I purchased one last summer. From Trout to Carp to Peacock Bass…

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Literary Angler – Fine Reels for Discriminating Anglers

Bogdan Reel Connections Editor’s Note: Back in the late 20th century, buying a coveted Bogdan reel from its maker was quite an accomplishment.  According to Graydon R. Hilyard’s biography, Bogdan, “Almost from day one, there has been The Waiting List, a sort of secular purgatory on the way to achieving tackle bliss. . .  How…

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Member Matters – November 2019

Huge Thank You to Mike Collins! Mike Collins saw a notice that there was a Flyfishers’ Club program one week in 2001, and walked in off of the street to see what it was all about. A member there greeted him, and Mike explained that he was a fly angler and wanted to attend the…

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