President’s Message – February 2023

President Mike Radakovich with Sandy River (AK) King

A few fun facts

The State of Oregon will celebrate its 164th BD (Founding). On February 14th, 1859, Oregon became the 33rd State.

State Dimensions:
• Length    360miles
• Width     400 miles

Total Area:
• 98,381 square miles
• Land       95,997
• Water     2,384
• Rank.      9th

• Highest   11,249. ft.  Mt Hood
• Lowest              0 ft. Pacific Ocean

Time Zones:
• Pacific
• Mountain Malheur county

State Fish:
• Chinook Salmon

State Flower:
• Oregon Grape

State Crustacean
• Dungeness Crab

Future Meeting Update

There will not be a monthly in person event for February. Jim Hillas is working on an awesome event for March.

Save the date for Tuesday May 9th when we will have special presentation on fly fishing in Kenya!!

If you have any topics, events, or speakers you feel the Club members would enjoy, please contact myself or Jim Hillas.

We are always looking to increase our membership; reach out to those you feel would enjoy becoming a member. If you don’t feel comfortable asking someone to join, please pass on their name and contact information and someone from the Club will reach out.

Email Scams

My name and names of several other board members are being used as a SCAM to REQUEST gift cards, reimbursements etc. No one from the FCO of FFF would send this type of email. The emails are not linked to me or other members, they are only using our names. Please delete these emails and block the senders. Do not respond or click on any links.  If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me directly at

Get out and enjoy beautiful Oregon and wish the State a Happy Birthday.


Mike Radakovich, President