Member Matters – April 2024

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By Mike Radakovich, FCO President

Janet Arenz, The Flyfisher Foundation, President

We are bringing you the encouraging news of the tremendous response from FCO members. Members have immediately engaged to address rebuilding the FCO. Already, a great deal of work has been done.  Creative, thoughtful, and experienced concepts have helped to lift the opportunities for the future of FCO.

There is a joint FCO/TFF small leadership group that has been meeting frequently from November 2023 to date. They are bringing forward the needs for the Club, supporting feedback to the membership, receiving ideas that may make changes to the Club, creating opportunities for members to engage, and building a pathway to support a potential future Club.

Key concepts have been brought forward in a framework that are being incorporated into four areas:


Each of these areas have a solid number of members participating in growing the Club. There are at least 25 members working in these four elements. Meetings have been held to start working in these arenas, and actions are taking form.

It’s important for Club members to know that we are not the only organization that is struggling. There are many organizations that have aging members; changes in the last 3 years that created new opportunities in the lives of others; and classic organizations that weren’t able to adapt to shifting changes over time.

But it appears that the FCO will likely be one of the restored and renewed organizations, with the help of the membership.

Here are some updates:


Our January 2024 FCO dinner meeting brought in 23 engaged members. The main purpose of the meeting was to offer an open forum for the membership. The conversation from members primarily focused on a wide variety of suggestions, ideas, and activities that might make the Club more visible; more activities for members; and suggestions for recruitment.

There is clearly some struggle to keep our historic identity; concerns about how to implement some of the recommendations; and what might be forfeited by potential changes in the future.

Temporary Decisions

Regarding the recommendation of the current FCO Board and Foundation, here are the following temporary decisions:

— The current Board expects to stay in place in 2025-26 until new leadership may be formed.

Administrative Board Change

–Recommend streamline FCO Board from 11 to 7; the Bylaws allow these changes.

FCO Auction

— There will be no auction for 2024; the Foundation put out grantee invitations to compete for a guaranteed $20,000 grant.

Note that the August 2023 picnic membership surveys recommended these changes below:

— Program/Dinners will be quarterly (including Christmas at the University Club).

— Will begin looking for a new venue for the Club.

— Outings for members (i.e. Rocky Ridge lakes, August Casting Picnic, etc.)


With the suggestions from membership, and the recommendations from the Club and Foundation Boards, they are moving with the validation that membership agrees that these measures are the right direction.

Administrative Changes

The current Club Board decided not to hold an election for the 2024-25 Board. While the Club has always held a Board election on his date, as well as providing a kind of State of the State of FCO, The FCO Bylaws do allow for the Board to move out to a further date for the election. The membership will be notified in advance what that date will be.

The Club Bylaws require that the Club will elect the Foundation Board officers. In an upcoming joint Boards meeting, this will be completed.

The FCO Board has new clear definitions of responsibilities and recommend needed updates.

All of the August membership surveys will be implemented starting now:

— Program/Dinners will be quarterly (including Christmas at the University Club).

— Will begin looking for a new venue for the Club.

— Outings for members (i.e. Rocky Ridge lakes, August Casting Picnic, etc.)

— The FLYLINE will also amend the number of issues, to 6 per year.

New Structure of Key Committees – Make 1-3 Year Plans for each

The leadership group has established 3 core elements for Club actions. Each element has definitions of responsibility (details which were showed on slides at the meeting). Members would be responsible for committee leadership and sub-committees.

Membership / Communications / Programs & Activities

Mission Statement and Vision

Updating the FCO mission is a key first step, directing the Club for who we are and what we do. Members worked in small groups to develop the mission. The mission statement hasn’t been finalized yet.


We are working on the emerging membership progress and excited to frame up how to get things started.


The 4 segments for the rebuilding of the club will be sharing updates. There are lots of ideas and work is already under construction.

Membership Dues

One of the current concerns is the slow commitment of members to pay dues. Of course, we recognize that the Club has been unstable during these last months. Yet it is clear that the Club is capable of restructuring itself. Dues are resources that are key to stability for the Club. We hope you will support the advancing improvements that are being built, which includes your support for dues.

There is also the challenge to updating contact information in the membership list. This is a tedious task, and the Membership Committee is already tackling it.



Feel free to reach out to Mike Radakovich, or Janet Arenz for more information, and to declare in what area you would like to volunteer.