Member Matters – March 2022

60th Anniversary Creel

Get Your Copy of the 60th Anniversary Creel

Our December meeting saw the unveiling of a book created to honor the occasion, the 60th Anniversary Creel. The volume is an anthology of some of the best writing produced by the Club in its various publications over the club’s history, and was produced by a committee of members, funded by the Club’s Foundation. The print run was limited to allow one free copy for each member in good standing as of December 2021, as well as a few extras for members to purchase for gifts or other uses, at a cost of $30 per copy.

Copies will be available for members to pick up or purchase at monthly meetings for the near future.

However, if members in the Portland metro area should desire to get their copy outside of the monthly meeting, books may be picked up from one of four Creel Committee members at their residences. Please call in advance to arrange a pick up:


  • Mark Metzdorff
  • 14961 SW Summerview Drive
  • Tigard, OR 97224
  • 303-681-5905


  • John Pyrch
  • 2748 SE Market Street
  • Portland, OR 97214-4949
  • 971-244-3289


  • Jim Hillas
  • 4324 NE 26th Avenue
  • Portland, OR  97211
  • 503-407-6074


  • Paul Franklin
  • 16675 NW Torrey Pines Cout
  • Beaverton, OR  97006

Members living outside of the Portland Metro area have been mailed their copy of the Creel.

Fifty-nine members who reside in the Portland/Vancouver metro area have not yet picked up their copy. Please show respect for your club and for the people who spent two years putting this book together by picking up your copy at a meeting or at one of the above locations. They will not be available indefinitely.  Thank you!


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D Lynch 26

Your 2022 Club and Foundation Boards

Every February brings an opportunity for a changing of the guard in the Club and Foundation Boards. There are a few notable changes this year including Mike Radakovich who has stepped up to serve as FCO President and Jay Spassov who joined the Foundation and will serve as secretary (relieving Janet Arenz of her twin identities of secretary for both Boards!).  However, most of the names remain the same. We thank these dedicated members who stay on to keep your Club running, relevant, and responsive to the greater membership. Club leaders welcome you to become involved and serve your Club.

Flyfisher’s Club Board

  • President – Mike Radakovich
  • Vice President – Christian Werner
  • Secretary – Janet Arenz
  • Treasurer – John Bailey
  • Past President – Jim Hillas

At Large Directors (3-year terms – expiration date indicated)

  • Harold Weight (February 2023)
  • Lisa Hansen (February 2025)

Flyfisher’s Foundation Board

  • President – John Pyrch
  • Treasurer – Felton Jenkins III
  • Secretary – Jay Spassov
  • Past FCO President – Jim Hillas
  • Janet Arenz
  • Paul Franklin
  • Ron Greenman
The FlyFishers Foundation. Founded 1973.

A Link Worth Checking Out

Member Bob Lowry scours news sources to find gems about our local rivers and good fishing spots. He found this article in the Bend Bulletin about winter fishing on the Metolius. Scroll through to see all 5 pics and open up a creel full of memories! Thanks Bob!


Metolius River