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FCO members Curt Marr, Jerry Swanson, and Jerry Brown

A Grand Time at the August FCO Picnic

Annual FCO Picnic & Casting Event

The Club’s attendance for this years Picnic & Casting Event at West Moreland Park was packed with well over 50 people. It was terrific to see so many members, who included some who came from long drives (Jerry Brown), some past Presidents (Frank Rodriguez), generational family members of the Club (Joel LaFollette) and conservation leaders (Sarah Cloud, Deschutes River Alliance).

Sarah Cloud, Deschutes River Alliance Executive Director, and Janet Arenz, Flyfisher Foundation PresidentPresident Mike Radakovich and Program Chair Jim Hillas brought an incredible line up of raffle prizes donated by our generous local fly shops as well as esteemed guides. Raffle prizes include gift certificates toward gear and guided trips, plus lots of flyfishing tackle and swag for all.

Program Chair Jim Hillas with long-time members Dave Hughes and (in background) John Redhouse

The Club also posted a mini poll of 4 questions at the event.

Here are the survey results:

A total of 55 members and guests were at the event.

HOW MANY CLUB OUTINGS SHOULD WE HAVE ?(example, fishing rips, fly tying, picnic, etc)

n = 13 members voted.

2x per year – 1

4x per year – 12 

6x per year – 0


n = 23 members voted

Monthly – 4

Quaterly 4

Every Other Month – 15 


n = 21 people voted

University Club – 6

Another, Lesser Formal Venue – 1

A Mix of Both – 14


Yes – 5

No – 1

Maybe – 0

This mini poll was very helpful information. The FCO Board will discuss this information in their September meeting.

Janet Arenz


Christian Werner Stalking the Big Ones

Remembering FCO Vice President Christian Werner

Dear FCO friend and stalwart supporter, Christian Werner, passed away peacefully with his family on July 12, 2023. Christian served for over 4 years as your Club’s Vice President. He brought a practical, balanced approach to his work on the FCO Board. Some members might recall his amazing trips to Alaska where he fished, spent time with his family, and supported the indigenous people he had befriended.  He will be sorely missed.


FCO Vice President Christian Werner and family

The GGACC & the US Open Casting Championship

My wife Karen & I had planned to visit friends in Oakland the last weekend of August.  We (I) wanted to see the Atlanta Braves, my hometown team, play the San Francisco Giants on that Sunday.

On Saturday, my friend Randy took Karen on a 65 mile bike ride around the Bay Area.   I ride a bike, but my longest bike trip is usually going a few miles up the lower Deschutes River access road.   So I needed another activity for Saturday.  A few days before the trip, I recalled there was a place there called the Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club.   It was easy to find on the web at

It was just $40 to join, so I did, figuring I could check out the club, the facilities and do some casting at the ponds.  Shortly after joining, I got a “welcome” email.  I replied to the membership chair, asking about a visit.  It turns out this was the week of the U.S. Open Casting Championships!

I was of course invited to attend any & all of the events. She must have heard about my casting ability because I didn’t get an invite to compete.

There were 5 days of events, too many to list here,  but there were single hand & Spey casting events, in women’s & men’s divisions.  Some of us know the OR fishing guide Mia Sheppard. She’s no longer competing, but she won the ladies Spey distance casting championship in three previous years.  This year the lady champ cast 315 feet, while the male winner cast 303 ft.  Goodness sakes.

On the afternoon I was there, there were single handed casting accuracy events.  I was impressed, especially when the wind started gusting.   And it was fun to visit the clubhouse.  However I didn’t see a big collection of literature like FCO has at the Multnomah County Library.

You’ll have to check it out on your next visit to SFO.  You don’t have to join to stop by, but the inside of the Angler’s Lodge is for members only.

Felton Jenkins, CFA

clearwater steel

Felton Jenkins with Clearwater hatchery hen