October 2020

Suttle Lake, Wildfire Relief, Exploring Idaho, Pebble Mine Continues to Threaten Alaska’s Salmon

Member Matters – November 2018

Membership Opportunities This is a quiet time of year for membership activities. But, it is a real opportunity for new members, since if they join now; they are paid through the end of 2019! Introduce your fishing partners to the club and have them join to take advantage of this special opportunity. For current members,…

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Book Review: The Feather Thief, by Kirk Wallace Johnson; Viking Books (2018)

Editor’s Note: Periodically, the Literary Angler features a member’s thoughts on books or articles they believe will be of interest to fellow fly fishers. Foundation Board member, Dr. Mark Metzdorff reviews a book that takes us over to the darker side of fly tying. LKH I must give credit to my wife Marie-Louise, who is…

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Conservation Corner – News from NW NGOs

Fish conservation news has been pretty dismal of late with very low returns of salmon and steelhead throughout the west. Our northwest-based NGOs are out there advocating for wild fish, working to improve and protect habitat, building on available science, and strengthening alliances to leverage more influence in support of fish. Here are a few…

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Member Matters – October 2018

Your FCO Website Have you checked out all the pages of our new website? Teri and Ross Beatty, Rick Pay, Lisa Hansen, and Steve Willhite have worked to bring more information about your Club to you. And we will continue to add information and history to the site. Already, you can see the terrific program…

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Literary Angler – Our History

Editor’s Note: One of the regular sections of the Flyline before my tenure was Sage, and Other Sayings. I regret I did not have the depth of knowledge on fly fishing lore to regularly add these short poems, words of wisdom, or insights. Over the years, many members who submitted these sayings in the past…

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Alaska Salmon Fishing

Editor’s Note This piece comes by way of FCO Board Member, Christian Werner. He and Steve Willhite recently fished for Coho in southeast Alaska. Instead of sending a story of the great bright Coho they enticed to the fly, Christian informs us of very worrisome declines in legendary salmon runs in our northernmost state. Follow…

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Member Matters – September 2018

Membership Update Our membership continues strong for 2018. We have a total of 168 paid/honorary members, which includes 12 new members for the year. The newest member is Felton Jenkins of White Salmon, WA. Be sure to bring guests to the club meetings to introduce them to all we have to offer. Encourage them to…

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