Conservation Corner – Setback for Wild Summer Steelhead on the North Umpqua

Steelhead on a North Umpqua Tributary, photo by Joel LaFollette


Just when we were infused with hope that the tides could turn on the downward spiral of the North Umpqua’s famed wild summer steelhead, another obstacle was thrown in our paths. A Marion County Circuit judge granted a preliminary injunction in favor of plaintiffs that argued the hatchery program should continue. Just like that, ODFW dumped tens of thousands of hatchery raised steelhead smolts into the river. Our partners in the North Umpqua Coalition are understandably discouraged, if not heartbroken. Read the press release from the Coalition  to see what went down and what our options are going forward. And follow the news from the North Umpqua Coalition members to stay engaged in the fight to save these iconic fish!

The North Umpqua Coalition includes:

Native Fish Society * Pacific Rivers * Trout Unlimited * The North Umpqua Foundation* The Steamboaters * Umpqua Watersheds * The Conservation Angler * Wild Steelheaders United* Oregon Council of Flyfishers International