We’re Back! Auction Update from Janet Arenz


Puget Sound Fishing


The Flyfishers Club of Oregon and Flyfishers Foundation are holding our annual auction on May 11th, 2021 — our customary second Tuesday of each month for meetings.

This auction will be a change-up from previous years, as the Coronavirus has actually created new opportunities for us. We will be holding the auction on-line, and will be bringing back our favorite best oral auction items for guided trips, foodie experiences, and vacation locations that we all have loved. I am so appreciative for the response we are getting from members and supporters of our past auctions, who are already committing to donating wonderful “experiences,” representing what we are used to seeing in our past oral auction segment.

Keith Hansen Memorial Paddle Raise Goes Online

We are so appreciative to the membership’s support for our auction focus this year to address critical needs in Oregon watersheds that sustained damage from last year’s wild fires. The Club and Foundation boards have reached out to nonprofits in Oregon to learn about their proposals and projects in wildfire ravaged areas.

Online “Super Easy” Auction

We are making sure it will be super easy for you to participate in the online auction, and support the work of the selected grantee. The on-line auction vendor is a company that has worked with us for years and knows us well, and who is working closely with us on the online auction specifically to meet membership needs to make it super easy for you to participate. You’ll be able to see auction items and track the bids on your laptop and phone. I’ll be in touch with you often with live updates so you can stay competitive for the fishing trip you want. There will be plenty of lead time for you to gather your fishing buddies or family members to plan a joint trip or to chip in on bidding.

Please Donate What You Saved

We are also looking forward to your support of cash donations. Since the online auction requires no registration fee, we are hoping members will support this especially important year for by donating the funds usually spent on registration, dinner and drinks (plus whatever you can give) to the Foundation. We intentionally have a very small budget for the auction, so that we can parlay saving as many dollars as possible to gift a substantial donation to a grantee. Your savings can become part of the funds that make a difference on watersheds and fish.

As chair, I would also love to hear from any of you who have connections to people or companies that want to help with the eventual grantee’s project by making a personal or corporate donation. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or information at janetrocky04@yahoo.com or call 503-995-4075.

Keep watching the Flyline and the little email updates as we identify the project we will fund, gather auction experiences, and connect with sponsors. Thank you!

Janet Arenz, Auction Chair