Tag: Flyfishers’ Club of Oregon 2021 Online Auction

President’s Message – May 2021

If your calendar didn’t remind you, the glorious stretch of sunny weather last month confirmed that it is indeed springtime in Oregon, and that means it is time for our auction.  Auction chair Janet Arenz has spent untold hours arranging this year’s event and deserves a big round of applause and more for her efforts.  Because…

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President’s Message – April 2021

Tilting the Axis Toward Trout Although the chilly rains of late March feel more like late winter as I write this, the tilting axis of planet earth has passed through the vernal equinox into spring, and almost everyone I know is enjoying the “extra” hour of evening light from moving our clocks forward. For anglers…

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President’s Message – November 2020

  Wow, what a month!  A tumultuous presidential election that is undecided as of this writing, a rising tide of Covid-19 cases in Oregon and most of the country,  and continuing economic struggles for many individuals and businesses affected by the pandemic.  And November has just begun! A well-known Chinese proverb (curse?) says “May you…

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