President’s Message July 2018

Today I was reminded of all the really fabulous things we see when we head out to fish.  Ross & I were up the Columbia Gorge hiking through a giant dry field in route to the river.  All of a sudden to our surprise 4 little heads popped up from behind a pile of boulders.  I believe they were Coyote pups and they were just as surprised to see us.  They popped back down and then up again, trying to figure us out.  We continued towards them, so they dispersed in all directions.  Mom was no where in sight.

The fishing wasn’t that great today, the river was too high, cloud cover too thick.  I will still mark this in my memory as one of my favorite days.

Our new website has launched.  We are all very excited for this new site and I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the depth of information you will find.  It is easy to navigate, see upcoming events, register for monthly dinners and find informative information about the Foundation and Library Collection.  Thank you to Bruce Gresham and his team for creating our wonderful new website.  Thank you to club members Steve Willhite, Ross Beatty, Lisa Hansen, John Pyrch & Rick Pay for your dedicated work making this happen.

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Auction.  The net income with the paddle raise was $29,777.  The evening was social and bidding was high.  If you were lucky enough to win one of the many trips, please remember to take some photos and send them to us for the new website.

My best to you,