Member Matters – May 2019

Members have been fishing!

Check out some amazingly beautiful fish members have hooked up with by visiting The Gallery! Member Steve Schulmerich ventured down to Longboat Key in Florida and caught some sizable redfish and snook. Great time to get down to the Sunshine State and try your luck at fishing the flats, lanes, and mangroves!


Steve Schulmerich – Longboat Key Redfish

Janet Arenz and Curt Marr fished the Lower Sacramento River in late April. Their guide, Ernie Denison, is a Redding “The Fly Shop” thirty-year veteran on the Lower Sac. The water had dropped from 10,000 CFS to 6,000, creating much better conditions so fishing was rated “Good.” We tied on a typical triple fly rigging. There was a flashy golden-legged stone fly on top, an egg in the center, and the last drop with a nymph. The nymph and egg caught the most fish. A nice twenty-incher kicked off an afternoon that produced a very respectable number of landed rainbows, particularly favoring Janet’s fishing prowess.

JA w rainbow

Thank you Steve, Janet, and Curt for sharing your adventures! You will see some other familiar faces on this year’s gallery, including our FCO Board Member, Steve Willhite, and member Felton Jenkins with some interesting fish. Feel free to share your fishing stories and pics by sending them to your Flyline editor, Lisa Hansen.

Attend the Sandy Spey Clave! 

Last month your Flyline announced the 19th Annual Sandy River Spey Clave that is coming right up on May 3rd and 4th. Leave that lawn mower in the garage and head out to the Sandy for everything Spey! Where else can you demo so many two-handed rods? Learn how to up your cast and see the latest gear. And send your pictures and moments of Spey epiphany to your Flyline editor for next month’s newsletter!