Member Matters – June 2023

2023 Keith Hansen Memorial Paddle Raise celebrated by (L-R) Mike Radakovich, President, Flyfishers Club of Oregon; Lisa Hansen, wife of Dr. Keith Hansen; Kate Fitzpatrick, Executive Director, DRC; Janet Arenz, President, The Flyfisher Foundation; James O’Brien, Program Associate, DRC


We are so grateful for the generous donations made on behalf of the DRC Trout Creek project! Our donations – including the tremendous offer from the Sally Bachman Family to put up the Fitzpatrick Homestead on the Deschutes for DRC – totals $

Here is a list of donors to the 2023 Keith Hansen Memorial Paddle Raise

Alexandra Clark

Bob Lowry

Brandon Sewart

Curtis Marr

Dar Isensee

David Jarman

David Moskowitz

Felton Jenkins III

Gerald Brown

Harold Weight

Janet Arenz

Jay Beckstead

Jerry Swanson

Jim Hillas

John Pyrch

Lisa Hansen

Mark Metzdorf

Mark Seligman

Michael Jarman

Mike Radakovich

Paul Franklin

Peter Fisher

Phil Trautmann

Richard Fitterer

Robert Sheley

Stan Chessire

Thomas Tongue

Tom Scanlan

William Fleming

William Paulus

Submitted by Janet Arenz


The Creel: 60th Anniversary Edition, Reviewed

Last year in these pages (, I reported that an eminent fly fishing historian, and historical friend of the FCO, Paul Schullery (Figure 1) had requested a copy of the club’s newly published anthology of its best writing, after being apprised of its existence by his friend, the similarly eminent author Steve Raymond. As I mentioned, I sent Paul a copy and awaited developments.

Figure 1. Paul Schullery

In 1980, during his tenure as executive director of the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester, Vermont, Paul had received a collection of the FCO’s journal The Creel, sent on behalf of the club for the museum’s collection. This donation was mentioned in a glowing, unattributed review in the Spring 1980 edition of the museum’s journal, The American Fly Fisher (TAFF), which was quoted in full in the front matter of our new publication, concluding “…The accomplishments of The Creel over the past twenty years, both in literature and in history, are magnificent. Western angling history is in good hands.” In further correspondence with Paul this past year, I learned that he was the author of the review; and that he desired to publish a review of the new book in TAFF.

Paul has an impressive biography and bibliography ( with multiple interesting careers, and more than 40 books as author, co-author or editor. He has also published many articles a wide range of periodicals, and he is the recipient of many honors for his body of work. Importantly to us, he has had long-standing friendships with many FCO members over the years, including Raymond, Pete Hidy, Bob Wethern, Dave Hughes and others.

So, I was delighted to receive an email from him this past month announcing that his review of The Creel was being published in the Spring 2023 edition of TAFF, Volume 49, Number 2 (Figure 2).

Figure 2. The American Fly Fisher

Further, he graciously sent me some copies of the journal for the club archives, which carries the review on page 16. (Figure 3). The review is a lovely and generous description of the relevant history, and of the content of the book itself.

Figure 3. Book Review – A Full Creel

I was particularly struck by one of the passages in the review:

“Only a few fishing clubs are fortunate enough to have such a thorough informal chronicle of their doings as this, especially one with such an array of talented chroniclers.”

This is certainly true, and he refers not only to the original Creels, but to the successor periodical, the Flyline. As one who has contributed to publications of our club, and on behalf of the club, I am gratified at the recognition, of course. However, these works owe their existence to more than good fortune. They have required the interest, initiative and hard work of club members to continue to contribute to the literary heritage of our sport; and of the club in general to support the work financially and otherwise. It was and remains the hope of the committee which produced the 60th Anniversary Edition of The Creel, that its publication would encourage these behaviors and continue club support for them.

Members wishing to review the Journal and article will have the opportunity at upcoming FCO dinner meetings where I will bring a copy. A better option would be to become a member of The American Museum of Fly Fishing, which includes a subscription to TAFF, which is a beautiful, hold-in-your hands magazine; and even better, on-line access to the archives of the journal going back decades: a treasure trove of fly fishing history. In doing so, you will support a valuable resource for our sport, now and into the future. Information about the Museum and membership is available at

Mark Metzdorff


p clegg book

Somewhere Down that Famous River: A Babine Memoir, by Pierce Clegg

Native Fish Raffle for British Columbia Trips

Editor’s Note: Mark Sherwood, Executive Director of Native Fish Society asked your editor to let the FCO members know about a trio of raffles that help support their work advocating for wild native fish. LKH

Raffle Tickets on Sale until June 16th

With THREE epic destinations to choose from, your chances of pulling a winning ticket just tripled. Only 250 tickets for EACH destination will be sold. Tickets are $100 each

Drawing will be held on Friday, June 16th, 2023 at 3pm

Babine Details: 1 angler / October 13-20, 2023 / Prime-time guided steelhead fishing on the Babine River with Babine Steelhead Lodge

Dean Details: 1 angler / August 4-11, 2023 / Premiere guided salmon & steelhead fishing on the lower Dean River with BC West Lodge. Fish with Native Fish Society Executive Director, Mark Sherwood

Frontier Details: 1 angler / August 25 – September 1, 2023 / Exceptional guided steelhead fishing on the Bulkley & Morice Rivers with Frontier Steelhead Experience