Member Matters – June 2019

New Members!!

So nice to see new members who decided to join when attending our auction! Membership continues to grow, thanks to FCO members who introduce friends and family to the Club. With the great line-up that our Program Chair, Ross Beatty, has for us this summer, you have lots of options to bring a friend and introduce them to the history, camaraderie, and activities of the FCO. Check out the Events page and invite those folks you love to fish with to one of our next monthly meetings. And Thank You to Membership Chair, Rick Pay, for keeping our membership list up-to-date!

New Members for May 2019

Jay Spassov – Portland – Regular

Jim Kelly – Lake Oswego – Regular

Jeff Malzahn – Portland – Regular

Andrew Windisch – Portland – Regular

C’mon! There Must Be Fishing Stories To Go With All Those Photos in The Gallery!

OK Members, Your Flyline Editor sees some huge fish and big smiles on your faces in The Gallery. How about more stories for the Flyline? Thanks to Ross Beatty for sharing the “general” places and flies he and Teri have used on their fishing adventures from May. You may find a few hints for success in Ross’ story in this month’s Literary Angler. Thank you Ross and Teri!

Multnomah County Library Blogs about C. Edwin Francis Fly Fishing Book Collection

This note comes to us from Jim Carmin, curator of the John Wilson Special Collection at the Multnomah County Library. Thursday May 30th, the library published this blog post that features steel engraving vignettes of fishing times gone by from William Andrew Chatto’s The Angler’s Souvenir (1877). If you have questions about the Edwin Francis Collection, you may contact our Club expert, John Pyrch, or Jim Carmin at the Library.

A Chatto

From A. Chatto, Angler’s Souvenir, 1877.