Member Matters – July 2023

Lower Trout Creek, Deschutes River, photo credit: Deschutes River Conservancy

And the Grand Total is . . . .

$22,000 raised by FCO members for the Deschutes River Conservancy during our May Keith Hansen Memorial Paddle Raise! You might have noticed in the June Flyline that at the end of our mini-report on donations, it simply ended with a “$.” It takes a while to pull everything together before sending a check to the grantee.


We are grateful for those who kept “Donate” on their To Do List. Here’s our thank you to acknowledge them:

Rick Pay

Edward Labbe

Ron Greenman

Dennis Oster

Please see the nice Thank You letter to the Club and Foundation from the Deschutes River Conservancy staff here.

Janet Arenz


Grindstone 2023

FCO members Rick Pay, Paul Franklin, Robert Sheley, Mark Metzdorff and Jim Hillas plus three other anglers had a great trip despite three of the five lakes experiencing major fish kill due to the long winter.

Jim Hillas

Grindstone bow


In Case You Missed the Salmonfly Hatch

Or if you missed the June 2022 Member Matters page, check out the first article with a link to a well-done video by Jim Baldwin that captured memorable moments with FCO members Rich Fitterer and Jeff Malzam during a guided trip on the Deschutes. Enjoy some vicarious pleasure while beating the heat!