Member Matters – December 2023

L-R: Jerry Swanson, Felton Jenkins, Ray Wells, Sally Bachman, Curt Marr (taking photo); Center: Janet Arenz

Fitzpatrick Fans

With gratitude to the Sally Bachmann and Ray Wells for all of their work to create opportunities to get anglers to the Fitzpatrick Homestead for outstanding fishing, and to raise funds for conservation. This crew threw in $2400 for The Flyfisher Foundation. Sally and Ray are great hosts, generously sharing their fishing experiences to give anglers seasoned tips for increasing a catch. All six anglers worked hard for 4 days, but sadly… no fish participated.

Janet Arenz


Liz Perkin explains process for installing large wood in Copper Creek

Molalla Momentum

The Club’s November program included Liz Perkin, Native Fish Society’s Northern Oregon Coordinator, discussing “Molalla River Watershed Restoration,” reviving a wild fish river. Native Fish Society has conducted several campaigns to improve wild fish habitat and abundance on the Molalla. Liz shared the amazing, if not somewhat dangerous work to install large wood to improve water quality and fish habitat on Copper Creek, an important tributary of the Molalla.  NFS partnered with ODFW, Greenup Enterprises, and Columbia Helicopters to place trees burned by the Beachie Creek fire into Copper Creek. The November meeting concluded with a heartwarming tribute film produced by Patagonia and featuring Tom Derry’s resolute dedication to wild steelhead conservation.


Member Curt Marr (L) with Tom Derry (R), Native Fish Society’s Director of Wild Steelhead Funding


Wasco Nightlife

Post-Turkey Tradition

The best way to work off pumpkin pie with whipped cream, wine, stuffing, buttery mashed potatoes and all the rest — is to get out to the John Day River for a good hike and working the wonderful steelhead runs out in the Cottonwood Canyon. So we took our own advice and, as we do each Thanksgiving weekend, we drove to the river. Opening temp was 28 degrees, and by the time we left about 5 hours later, a balmy 34. The water barely touched 40 degrees, but it was worth feeling optimistic. We threw dry flies with big profiles and that would sink slightly under the water. None of the fish would acknowledge us. Back at the truck, we had apples and beef jerky. But the most fun was heading into Wasco to hit the Dirty Cowgirl Saloon for a celebratory beverage, a close to the end of the holiday weekend.

Janet Arenz