Literary Angler – Rhythmic Flow of Words

The inescapable draw of a flowing river and a graceful cast embodied in words. Food for the soul in the dead of winter. Thanks to John Pyrch for submitting these poems.


Sunset on the Blackfoot

A River and a Fly Rod

 A river’s magic will capture the soul

Its timeless journey making life whole.

Through canyons and meadows its waters flow

Repeating its life cycle born long ago.


Its voice calls to all to respect

That what it needs from us most is benign neglect.

Let its waters flow uninterrupted and free

As it tumbles and glides on its way to the sea.


To stand in its current is to block from the mind

All mental clutter better left far behind.

To read its water sharpens focus and senses

Unbound by life’s walls, borders and fences.


A silhouette far downstream on the bend

In the twilight is rolling the rod tip making a mend.

The river coursing through him as many times before

Its endless calling to come back for more.

Authored by a FCO member who wishes to remain anonymous


little sam

Little Santiam River

Water is Magic 

There is magic on Earth and it is found in Water,

In the spirit and beauty of Neptune’s daughter.

In waterfalls, rivers, puddles and seas,

It shimmers and glistens with a freshening breeze.

Each wave holds a treasure, each ripple a jewel,

In the mightiest ocean to the quietest pool.

But if we try to hold it and make it our own,

It slips through our grasp and the magic is gone.

Scott Farleigh