Literary Angler – Create Your Own Adventure

Have you been dreaming of exotic trips to remote destinations? Destinations with interesting culture and fascinating fish? This Literary Angler post will give you an opportunity to fill in the blanks of your dream with the richness of photos and opportunities to add more adventure to naps and nighttime “REMing.” Our own Felton Jenkins got away in August to Kendjam, Brazil with his brother Alan on the Iriri river in the Kayapo Indian indigenous territory and submitted these photos to your Flyline editor. But this is your dream so let those thoughts wander.

The Iriri is a large tributary of the Xingu (you all knew that because it was in your dream, right?) which finds its way into the Amazon through remote rainforest. It was a very long flight and maybe a very bumpy, and at times wild ride in a sure-footed Jeep to your comfortable lodging at Kendjam. This place is remote! You are in the lands of the Kayapo and they will teach you how to fish for species you have not even imagined. So get in the boat and get fishing!

Your guide and boat handler are drifting you through the lands of adventure! Perhaps you caught an iridescent Xingu Peacock Bass that fought like hell!


Imagine you are holding this peacock bass and ignoring the piranhas nibbling your ankles (photo of Alan Jenkins, no piranhas visible).

Then you continue on down the Iriri in awe of the forest, birds, sounds, and . . . . What! That’s a jaguar on shore with it’s eyes fixed right on you! How fast do they swim? (Don’t worry, go back to sleep. It’s a good dream and the jaguar decided you weren’t his food).


Jaguar on shore

Fish glide back into your subconscious just in time for you to set the hook on an iconic pacu borracha! Some pacu can reach over 80 lbs! This was a fun one and it got you so wet you almost woke up! Balancing a fly rod on your shoulder for a pic? In your dreams!


There are many more fish to catch, wildlife to view, and fascinating Kayapo traditions to learn. This 2016 blog post from Jeff Courier may add even more color to your dreams. Sleep tight!

Lisa Hansen

P.S. Sorry Felton! I took liberty with your photos and ran with it. Can’t wait to hear the real fish stories!