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Every April we invite the annual recipient of the Tom McAllister Graduate Scholarship to share their research with the Club. Here is a look back at the past 5 Oregon State University graduate student recipients of the Tom McAllister Scholarship to see what they have published. I am impressed with the number of women who are expanding the field of fisheries science! And there are some dedicated men helping us understand fish and their environments!

Scholarship Recipients 2013 – 2018

Neil Thompson, Ph.D. (2013-2014 award): Dr. Thompson’s program of research has focused on domestication effects in hatchery-raised steelheed, first generation changes in broodstock steelhead, and wild vs. hatchery differences. Here is his publication list.

Leah Segui (2014-2015 award) Ms. Segui’s research interests include the effects of invasive species on stream food webs. She has also published on predator effects in the coastal California oceans. Check out her amazing research website.

Christina Murphy (2015-2016 award) Ms. Murphy is studying the effects of dams and reservoirs on the food web and establishment of invasive alien species in waters affected by hydrologic alterations (e.g. warmer temperatures and flow changes).  Learn more on her research.

Thaddeus Buser (2016-2017 award). Mr. Buser’s presentation in 2017 was definitely one of the most curious and unusual. We learned about rare sculpin species that eek out a living in diverse and extreme environments. Mr. Buser has employed a new X-ray technology to test ‘ecomorphological hypotheses’ in the subfamily of fishes we know as sculpin. Here is more on his published research.

Caren Barceló, Ph.D (2017-2018 award) Dr. Barceló has studied the effects of climate change, human impacts, and ecological changes on distribution of marine species in Norway and off the Pacific Coast. She has also studied loggerhead sea turtles in the southwestern Atlantic. Her long list of research activities is impressive and diverse.

Continuing the Tom McAllister Graduate Scholarship

Next month FCO members and their guests will have the opportunity to continue supporting dedicated and talented graduate students who help us understand fish biology and the effects of our changing environment on aquatic species. Come to the annual auction on May 7th and show your support for the good work of your Flyfisher Foundation!


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