Conservation Corner – Support WaterWatch!

As you know, WaterWatch is the recipient of this month’s Keith Hansen Memorial Paddle Raise at our annual auction. The paddle raise supports their work to improve streamflows in the Crooked River. If you take a look at their mission, accomplishments, and recent newsletters, you can see that they reach all corners of Oregon to improve river health and flows. Their work on the Rogue River has been instrumental in restoring healthy runs of fall Chinook – now one of the healthiest runs on the west coast. WaterWatch is working to improve stream flows for fish in metro-area rivers like the Clackamas, wild SW Oregon rivers like the Smith, and fragile waterways in Klamath and Harney counties. Climate change and population growth threaten water supplies across the west. WaterWatch programs promote water conservation and make sure that developers comply with existing laws regarding water allocation. As drought and climate change alter Oregon’s landscape, it is more important than ever that organizations like WaterWatch advocate for adequate streamflows. By  supporting sensible water use laws, working to remove obsolete dams, and developing water conservation measures, we can protect fish and wildlife that depend on healthy Oregon rivers. The quality of our beloved Oregon landscape requires our engagement. Step up and support WaterWatch by donating at the Keith Hansen Memorial Paddle Raise!

Thank you!

Lisa Hansen


Dr. Keith Hansen