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Janet Arenz on the John Day

Dreamin’ of Fishin’

Nature lovers and conservation enthusiasts have been creative during our “Stay Home Stay Safe” requirements. Here are a few trips you can take with your senses while being a responsible citizen and staying home.

Love this You Tube video called Malheur Symphony by the Central Oregon Symphony with photographs by Terry and Kay Steele.

Join up on Fishing TV’s Fly Fishing Channel and vicariously enjoy epic fishing experiences.

Take a few moments to view enticing videos on You Tube like this one on fishing for brown trout in New Zealand – Rising Expectations.

Or check out this pre-Eagle Creek Fire video of the Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls by Amazing Places on our Planet.

View or review Shane Anderson’s iconic conservation videos – one way is to join up at Shane’s page on Letterboxd to view A River’s Last Chance or Wild Reverence: Wild Steelheads Last Stand.

Read the newsletters that arrive in your inbox from your favorite conservation organizations and remember to support them as you are able during this uncertain time.

To your fishing dreams,

Lisa Hansen