President’s Message – January 2021

jim w B run

Welcome to 2021. As I write, the U.S. Capitol Building is currently overwhelmed by political protestors who have shut down the Senate and the House proceedings and forced an evacuation of our nation’s legislative body. The television news is full of disturbing images of mobs of people invading both chambers of Congress, and there is no shortage of anxiety and uncertainty about how this day will continue to unfold. To say we find ourselves in truly extraordinary times is an understatement.

Given the unprecedented political turmoil, it seems trivial to discuss fishing, but despite (or because of) the chaotic times, I am looking forward to the peace and tranquility of several upcoming day trips on the Sandy and northern coastal Oregon rivers in search of winter steelhead. As some readers will recall, I am still waiting for my first winter fish on the fly. Weather and water conditions permitting, perhaps I can get on the board next week.

I’ve also got some trout trips planned, including a three day float on the Deschutes during the salmon fly hatch, a multi-day lake trip deep in Central Oregon, and a three day float on the Grand Ronde.

The previous months of relative confinement due to the pandemic have made all of us long for more time with friends and family. Fortunately, fly fishing provides a wonderful opportunity to do both in the relative safety of the great outdoors. I hope you are able to escape for some time on the water soon.

Our club continues to provide online presentations in lieu of our monthly dinner meetings at the University Club. Next Tuesday January 12 features longtime guide and renowned fly tier Brian Silvey on fishing for steelhead on the Sandy. Brian’s presentation will begin at 6:45 p.m. but you can log in to the Zoom meeting starting at 6:30 p.m. If you haven’t been to a club Zoom presentation yet, I highly recommend you try it. It’s a fun way to see and talk with your friends and there are raffle prizes too! Thanks again to programs chair Mike Radakovich.


February 2021 Notice of Elections

This letter serves as official notice of the upcoming annual election of your Flyfishers’ Club Board and Officers for February 2021 – January 2022. The election will occur at the Annual Meeting, February 9, 2021. Because of the pandemic, the annual meeting will be held online via Zoom. Information about how to sign in to the meeting and vote will be provided later.

Your club is run by a dedicated group of volunteers that monitor the health of the club while trying to increase membership and provide world-class programs. Each year at this time, the officers are elected to one-year terms along with two at large board members who serve three-year terms. For 2021, the proposed slate of officers is:

• President- Jim Hillas
• Vice President- Christian Werner
• Secretary- Janet Arenz
• Treasurer- John Bailey
• Past President- Vacant

There are two Board members entering into new three-year terms ending in Feb 2024:
Chris Pay
• Open

There are four other Board members whose terms are continuing and thus are not up for election:
Harold Weight
• Lisa Hansen
• Susan Glen
• Mike Radakovich

We will call for nominations from the floor at the February meeting if anyone is so inclined. In the meantime, if you have interest in serving your club in the future, please contact me at We need to fill one At-Large Board position, which is a 3 year term, and we also would like to seat a past president as an officer (Teri Beatty is relocating to the North Cascades and won’t be able to serve).

I want to thank all of the above volunteers for their dedication and hard work.
Jim Hillas, President, Flyfishers’ Club of Oregon