Member Matters – October 2023

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The FCO/FFF Auction Could Return in 2024 – With Your Help!

The Flyfisher Foundation is looking for volunteers to lead and conduct the 2024 FCO auction.  If you are interested in helping plan and run this event, please contact Janet Arenz (503-995-4075) or  Mike Radakovich (503-449-1228).


For over 20 years the FCO sponsored a live auction in May for its members and the related fly fishing community.  Silent and oral auction items sparked friendly, but very competitive, bidding.  Members were able to reconnect and share their fly fishing stories and other tall tales over drinks and a good meal.

However, the FCO has not conducted a face-to-face auction since the 2019 COVID pandemic.  We have used the on-line approach in recent years to help raise funds to support the outstanding programs and projects run by the conservation organizations that benefit from our Keith Hansen Memorial Conservation Paddle Raise.

There is considerable interest in trying to re-establish this wonderful in-person tradition that many FCO members fondly remember.  In the past, it has proven to be a meaningful way to network with friends and the greater flyfishing community.

To continue having the auction, however, the Club needs members to volunteer to help plan and run the auction in 2024, either the on-line or face-to-face version.  Volunteering to be on the Auction Committee is a chance for you to support the Club by planning and executing our most important and fun fundraising event of the year.

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What Is Needed

The Club needs three to five members to volunteer to be on the Auction Committee and to accomplish the tasks in the draft schedule (see last section of this post).

Participating on the Auction Committee takes a commitment of some time but the tasks are both fun and fulfilling.  Committee members will be assigned specific tasks and take responsibility for completing those activities.

An Auction Chair will be selected from the Auction Committee.  The Chair would be responsible for orchestrating the activities of the Committee to include scheduling periodic meetings, monitoring the progress on the detailed schedule, overseeing the budget and coordinating with the FCO leadership.

Detailed schedules and financial statements are available from previous auctions to provide guidance for the Committee.  The new Auction Committee can expect plenty of help in planning and operating the auction.

You will be given a detailed work plan and timetable for every aspect of planning the auction.  You will receive a list of all previous auction donors with contact information.  Plus, previous auction chairs and committee members have pledged to help guide you through the process.  Also, they will seek out some auction donations from donors with which they have close ties.

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Janet with 16 incher at Nymph Rock


As mentioned, you will receive help from those previously involved in planning FCO auctions.  And importantly, the Auction Committee will receive an auction notebook that includes very detailed information about planning and executing every element of the auction, including detailed timelines and work plans.


Take Action

This is a great opportunity for you and others to show your support for the FCO and help move the Club forward by being an Auction Committee member and engineering our Club’s most important annual fundraising event.

Timing is critical.  We need to identify the Auction Committee by the end of October so that there is sufficient time to schedule all the activities needed to conduct a successful auction.  Please let us know if you are interested in helping by contacting Janet Arenz or Mike Radakovich by Friday, October 27th.

Mike Radakovich, President                                     Janet Arenz, President

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A Chatto

From A. Chatto, Angler’s Souvenir, 1877.

The Key Dates for the 2024 FCO Auction – DRAFT

10/27/2023      Deadline for volunteers to notify Janet Arenz (503-995-4075) that you are interested in helping run the auction.

11/10/2023      Make decision to have an auction (depends on # of volunteers stepping up).

11/17/2023      If we proceed with the auction, agree on location and finalize the contract.

11/22/2023      Auction Committee is established and they develop a draft “game plan” > need to

consider the following key components:

  • Establish a budget and detailed schedule (to include how much to charge participants)
  • Engage a vendor for administrative support
  • Silent auction (quality and # of items); includes listing on website
  • Oral auction (quality and # of items); includes listing on website
  • Keith Hansen Memorial Paddle Raise (support for conservation grantee)
  • Identify menu/drinks and engage a provider
  • Payment structure (credit cards, cash, on-line donations, etc.)
  • Marketing plan (how to promote the event; including social media)
  • Identify Table Captains and solicit corporate support (purchase a table, etc.)
  • Solicit donations from fly shops, wineries, equipment manufacturers, etc.
  • Engage a vendor to print bid sheets, programs, etc.

12/14/2023      Finalize the auction “game plan” and make sure each key component has a

leader/coordinator; begin execution of the “game plan”.

1/23/2024        Check in with TFF/FCO Boards of Directors on status of auction efforts.

2/20/2024        Send an email blast to FCO membership about auction.

3/12/2024        Check in with TFF/FCO Boards of Directors on status of auction efforts.

4/16/2024        Send another email blast to FCO membership about the auction.

5/14/2024        Hold auction.

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