Member Matters – November 2018

Membership Opportunities

This is a quiet time of year for membership activities. But, it is a real opportunity for new members, since if they join now; they are paid through the end of 2019! Introduce your fishing partners to the club and have them join to take advantage of this special opportunity.

For current members, consider paying your dues in 2018 so you can take the charitable deduction in 2018 for the portion that goes to the foundation! For regular memberships ($100) $20 goes to the foundation. For Associates, $15 goes to the foundation and for non-Residents, $10 goes. Check with your tax preparer to see how that might impact you. Just send your renewal to the club address along with your pertinent contact information and we will update the dues register.

Please be sure we have your latest email address, as that is the primary way the club reaches out to the membership. Not only is that the way we send out meeting notices and newsletters, but special event notices like the Rocky Ridge Lake fishing, also go out via email. Of course, so do your dues notices (I had to sneak that in!).

Be sure Santa knows what gear you need for 2019!

Tight lines,

Rick Pay

r pay

Connections with Long-Time FCO Members Sought

Thanks to Ross Beatty’s recent email urging member submissions to your Flyline, I received very nice emails from long time members Rowland Rebele and Frank Rodriguez who have fishing memories to share. I would love to have more history and past fishing experiences to share with FCO members old and new! If you are so inclined to email your story or musings, you can send it on to me. Not much for spending time on the computer? Just send me a brief email with your contact number and we can talk about what you would like to share. You can also contact me for snail mail options!

Thanks for making each page of your Flyline worth reading!

Lisa Hansen

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