Member Matters – January 2021


Archie Creek Fire east of Roseburg 9/14/2020; from BLM InciWeb site.

2021 Conservation Grant Update

On Monday, December 7, 2020 John Pyrch, Flyfisher Foundation President, distributed the 2021 conservation grant solicitation to 16 organizations involved with maintaining and enhancing Oregon’s rivers.  This year the focus will be on projects that respond to those precious watersheds that sustained damage from last year’s wild fires.  Proposals are due January 18, 2021 and the Foundation Board hopes to make a decision by February 12, 2021.  Janet Arenz is heading up an online auction this year that will include our annual Keith Hansen Memorial Conservation Paddle Raise for our designated conservation grantee.

Our Club has sponsored grants for over 20 years contributing more than $350,000 to a wide range of conservation organizations involved with protecting and restoring Oregon’s rivers.  If we include our annual OSU graduate fisheries scholarships and support for the Multnomah County Library to maintain our rare book collection and FCO archives, the total is over $500,000.  Please plan to participate in this year’s online auction in May and help continue this outstanding FCO tradition.


firefighter 2020

Firefighter working near burnout 9/14/2020; from BLM InciWeb site.

Follow-up to December FCO Meeting with Jack Hagan

I was sorry I missed the December FCO Zoom Meeting with Jack Hagan of Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters. Our non-resident member, Barry Mayer was on and wanted to share some information and pics that relate to the conversation during the meeting.



Dr. Barry Mayer’s flies framed in Dr. Ron Powell’s Steamboat Inn print

The first photo shows a well-known print of Steamboat Inn on the North Umpqua River by Dr. Ron Powell. The print was framed by Judy Forman of Trail’s End Gallery and the flies were tied by Barry Mayer. These flies are (left to right) Cummings Special, Orange Heron and a Skunk.



Mike Kennedy Fly Plate

The second photo is a fly plate of Mike Kennedy’s flies, also framed by Judy Forman. Barry said, “I don’t know the names of Mike‘s flies. The top one looks like a Van Luven but doesn’t have a white wing.  The things to notice in Mike’s flies are how tight the wool bodies are and the cocked up tails that he preferred.” I hope these details fill in some of the conversation enjoyed by those on last month’s Zoom meeting. And to learn more fun facts about our beloved sport, make sure to register for next month’s meeting featuring a guide with whom many of us have spent memorable trips – Brian Silvey!

Lisa Hansen

Loss of a Partner

Many FCO members have met my partner, Dr. Patrick Lee, at FCO special events over the past 9 years. The two of us celebrated the great outdoors across the west and on fantastic European adventures. Although he did not embrace my fly fishing enthusiasm, he took up the sport and was a great sport. He fished the Deschutes for trout and steelhead (“Dave [Moskowitz]! I thought it was a log until it moved!). He joined me on South Andros Island for bone fishing and barracuda chasing (“Those teeth were scary!). And he braved the rain and cold for winter steelheading on the Rogue and Illinois River with Mark Sherwood where he seemed more interested in talking about non-profits than fishing (“Patrick, cast! There is a steelhead right there!”). We lost that energetic, curious, and intellectual physician/cheesemaker this past September when he sustained a heart attack while riding his road bike. We press on and are grateful for the memories. The Portland Chinatown Museum put together an obituary honoring Patrick. Thanks to all FCO members that remember him and who shared their passion for fishing with him.

A Tribute for Dr. Patrick Lee

Lisa Hansen

PYL on Rogue

Winter Fishing on the Rogue River