Conservation Corner – Where is Your Place?

Give me a place where I can rest my head . . . 

A sense of place, belonging, home – it is something that humans across the globe hold dear. This “place” may be surrounded by forest, desert, concrete, or even freeway interchanges with traffic that roars outside a flimsy tent. We strive to find solace and comfort in the home. For some, the people who share this home really make it our “place.” For others, it is familiar objects, the neighborhood, or the flora outside the windows. Sometimes I like to take time to think about all that gives my place that special sense of belonging. Gently wafting fir branches dancing in the breeze; pictures of loved ones on the shelves; the smell of hot sourdough bread fresh from the oven; my caring partner. So much to appreciate. Yet the majority of humans across our planet are struggling to find or keep their places. Whether by violence, war, disease, systemic injustice, crime, climate change, poverty, or so many other challenges, people are suffering. And all of us have the power to help ease that suffering by supporting the many excellent non-profit organizations who are dedicating their time and resources to make a better place for those who desperately need it.

Give for a place that will rest many heads

There are so many ways you can make smart contributions to help improve lives and bring dignity to those in need. One way is to search on Charity Navigator and research those charities that do the most with your dollars. You can fine tune your search to Oregon and/or to environmental or human services organizations. Oregon Community Foundation has professionals on hand who will meet with you and help guide you on choices for lasting giving opportunities close to home. And Willamette Week is back with their annual Give!Guide list of “152 of Portland’s most impactful non-profits” and makes it easy to review, choose, and donate. At the time of this post, the Give!Guide was up to about $1 million in donations. Way to show the love, PDX!