Conservation Corner – The Deschutes is No Place for Litterbugs

Dean at the helm.

Editor’s Note: Club members Mark Metzdorff and Felton Jenkins were out fishing the prime Deschutes waters below Warm Springs with guide Matt Mendes of Spin the Handle last month. They had great fishing while learning first hand how Matt is working to protect the riparian habitat on his tribal lands. lkh

Matt Mendes is a member of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and a Native Fish Society River Steward for the Warm Springs River. He has worked tirelessly to protect streamside habitat on the Deschutes. Mark and Felton were impressed with his work to fence off riparian areas from livestock and horses along with his efforts to clean up the garbage left by careless humans floating the river.



Garbage can, signage, and stile on the tribal side of the Deschutes.

Mark noted that Matt “thinks his work is changing some attitudes toward litter on tribal lands.  Matt is really invested in improving things on the portion of the river where he works, which reaps benefits for all by improving riparian habitat.” As Mark and Felton observed during their recent trip, Matt has installed garbage cans and signage to help educate the public on ways to protect the land and fish. Please read the Season of Stewardship on the Deschutes to learn more about Matt’s efforts to protect the land and fish he loves.

Lisa Hansen

Felton’s Fatty