Conservation Alert! ODFW Proposes to Open Upper Sandy River to Fishing from Boats

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is taking public comments until May 26th on their proposal to open the upper 25 miles of the Sandy River above Oxbow Park to fishing from a floating device. The department states their rationale is to allow increased fishing opportunity for hatchery fish that intermingle with wild fish. The Conservation Angler has posted a detailed analysis citing concerns and the harms they predict from allowing fishing for salmon and steelhead (with bait and barbed hooks that are already allowed) on the upper Sandy. This news flash is not intended to take a stand on the issue, rather, it is to educate and inform our members on an issue that is close to home for many of us.  Please consider checking with local conservation, fishing, and wildlife groups with whom you follow or support to educate yourselves about this proposed regulation change. The link to comment is located on the ODFW’s Sandy River proposal page.



Sandy steelhead