2019 Auction Recap


Congratulations to the members and guests who participated in this year’s auction. You set a new record for the Keith Hansen Memorial Paddle Raise, topping more than $31,000! Funds will be supporting a great WaterWatch project for the Crooked River.

In addition to the paddle raise, the Silent, Super Silent and Live auction items purchased by members totaled over $29,000. This is a very nice number, bringing our gross revenue to $60,000!

We are still finalizing expenses and will have a net revenue number for the Foundation soon. Part of the finance conversation will be about how to maximize achieving our revenue more effectively, as the current ticket prices are below the actual cost of producing the auction, which means some of the proceeds must go to pay for costs.

Board Members Stepped Up!

I want to call out the Club and Foundation board members for their generosity. Every board member participated in some way. Board members are expected to be Table Captains, bringing member and non-member guests to fill tables. They donated items for the Board Baskets (totaling nearly $800 in beverages and gourmet delights), donated their personal vacation homes, produced exceptional gastronomic events, provided private access to unique fishing water, procured guided fishing trips, tied beautiful (and effective!) flies, and delivered many other adventure opportunities for bidders.

A Heck of a Good Time!

There is no question that the Flyfishers’ Club of Oregon provides one of the best auction events, tailored specifically to the primary interests of the membership. We are proud to see the membership recognizes that this event is not a “sale for good deals,” it is an opportunity to be generous in supporting conservation efforts in Oregon by kicking in that extra few dollars to make sure funds are raised over the value of items.

In closing, here is a shout out to Teri Beatty and John Pyrch for their work as part of the team who made this auction such a great event!

Janet Arenz, Auction Chair

Editor’s Note: A huge Thank You!! to Janet for jumping in with both feet and organizing a very successful auction. Guidance from our “pros,” John and Teri, helped ease Janet’s jitters. But Janet’s organizational skills and tenacity showed in the quality of the items and the fun we all had last month. Kudos also to Chef and FCO member Philippe Boulot for another fantastic dinner at the MAC! Thanks Janet and Philippe!! LKH


Philippe at auction

Chef Philippe Boulot sporting new hat